I was so excited to see Rob Dehlinger front his new band, the Alpha Rhythm Kings ... What a great group of musicians, with a great sound. Dancers take note...!
— Susan Glatzer, Director, "Alive and Kicking"
Flower Piano ARK .jpg

“All hail the new kings of swing”.

- No Depression Magazine

There have been many young groups that have attempted digging up these vintage styles but too often the results feel cheesy... The Kings have the badge of authenticity. This is a band that lives and breathes its inspirations and is faithful to them. They are wonderful.
— Stacey Zering, "No Depression"


This band was amazing! A great variety of tempos, all songs the right length, inspiring arrangements and wow did they sound great!! Can’t wait to have them back again!
— Tamara Stevens, Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association
The Alpha Rhythm Kings are amazing!
— Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars Rebels, Her Universe)
Dehlinger’s seedy trumpet fuels “Oh Marie” with the kind of dangerous edge that conjures vivid images of drunken speakeasies. Snappy drums and throbbing bass add a robust kick as soaring saxophones provide a breathtaking uplift. Dehlinger’s singing is magnetic.
— Jazz Corner